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April 29, 2001

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Dear All,

  Preliminary Announcement
"The Archery Culture of China"
A Two-day Symposium to be Held in Beijing China

This event has been re-scheduled for 16/17 May 2001

The Asian Traditional Archery Research Network has pleasure in announcing that we plan to co-organize a two-day symposium in Beijing, China, together with the Chinese Archery Association and the Yanhuang Chinese Culture Association.

The Symposium is scheduled to take place on 16-17 May, 2001 at the Fragrant Hills Hotel, Beijing.

No symposium of this sort has been held before. We hope to draw an audience of academic experts as well as practitioners and bowyers from around the world. Some of the special features planned for the symposium are:

The Fragrant Hills hotel is a resort hotel on the outskirts of Beijing providing comfortable, modern accommodation with both Chinese and western food. It is surrounded by pleasant woodland with excellent hill-walking.

The symposium location is close to facilities for indoor and outdoor archery practice and competition, including a luxurious, modern indoor range with club facilities. There will be a chance to try shooting with traditional bows, pellet bows and crossbows in Chinese, Mongolian styles other national styles.

We shall be able to provide a chance to see China’s last remaining traditional bowyer at work. It will be possible to purchase traditional Chinese archery equipment (in limited quantities.)

We shall provide (at additional cost) sightseeing and tourism arrangements for participants.

Hotel accommodation (excluding food) for four nights will cost US$180 total for a twin room including breakfast. We hope to be able to negotiate a full-board package together with accommodation and some city/museum tours.

Fragrant Hills Hotel, Beijing, China

Potential participants should note that bowhunting will not be possible in China. Participants are, however, encouraged to bring their own modern or traditional archery equipment for target shooting. Loan/hire of equipment can be arranged but quality of such equipment is uncertain.

According to my initial enquiries, the cost of a return economy class air ticket between Los Angeles/San Francisco and Beijing is around US$1,000, with a small saving for fixed-date ticketing.

Tentative Details (subject to change)

Date: 16-17 May  2001
Place: Fragrant Hills Hotel, Beijing, China
Organizers: ATARN
                  Chinese Archery Association
                  Yanhuang Chinese Culture Association
Topic: The Archery Culture of China
Aim: A Symposium on the Archery Traditions of the Chinese Nationalities and its Place in Chinese History and Culture.
Participants: up to 100
Fee: US$100
Language: Chinese/English with interpretation

An introduction to ancient Chinese culture

The archeology of Chinese archery

Archery symbolism in the ancient Chinese writing system.

The role of archery in ancient Chinese ritual

Archery in Chinese historical military theory and practice

The construction of the traditional Chinese bow

Traditional archery in Inner Mongolia

The theory of Qigong and its role in Chinese archery

Chinese philosophy: Taoism and Confucianism expressed through archery

Chinese arrows: their development and distribution

Archery in China since the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

Expressions of interest:

To help with planning, please let me know whether you would be interested in attending this unique event. Your expression of interest at this time is not binding, and no payment is asked for now.

Email: (please do not use the discussion forum bulletin board for contacting me to register your interest in this Symposium. But do use it if you need to ask for more information that might be of interest to other Members.)

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A1, Cloudridge,
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Hong Kong

Yours faithfully,


(Stephen Selby)