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Dear All,

    Now is the time for all you good people to contribute something. I want to build up a bibliography of Asian traditional archery in the following format (the ordering is random for the moment):





ISBN/Periodical Issue

Pant, Gayatri Nath Indian Archery Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi 1940, 1997, 1995


Onuma, Hideharu;  Deprospero, Dan   (Contributor),  Deprospero, Jackie (Contributor) Kyudo : The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery Kodansha International 1993


Acker, William R.B., Acker, Joseph  Kyudo : The Japanese Art of Archery Charles E Tuttle Co; 1998


Deprospero, Dan, et al Illuminated Spirit : Conversations With a Kyudo Master Kodansha International; 1997


Herrigel, Eugen  Zen in the Art of Archery Random House 1999


Klopsteg, Paul E
Turkish Archery and the Composite Bow. privately printed 1947


Faris, Nabih Amin; Elmer, Robert Potter Arab Archery Princeton University Press 1945


Duvernay, Thomas The Way of the Bow.    (Korean Archery) Instinctive Archer Magazine 1996 Spring 1996 page 14.
Selby, Stephen The Archery Tradition of China. Instinctive Archer Magazine 1998 Spring 1998 page 38.
Munkhtsetseg Mongolian National Archery Instinctive Archer Magazine 1999 Spring 1999 page 49.
McEwen, E Mongolian Journey Instinctive Archer Magazine 1999 Spring 1999 page 42.
Latham, JD and Paterson, WF Saracen Archery: An English Version and Exposition of a Mameluke Work on Archery (1368) Holland Press, London
Hein, Joachim Bogenhandwerk und Bogensport bei den Osmanen
1925, 1926 Der Islam, vol.14, 1925, p.289-360 and vol.15, 1926, p.233-294.
T'an, Tan-Chung Investigative report on bow and arrow manufacture in
  1981 Soochow University Journal of Chinese Art History, Vol.11,
July 1981.

    Please will you send me lists of books or articles in this format, or at least containing this information? It doesn't matter much how arcane an article you want to list, but may I suggest more general works first? We can include 'General notes on repreating stone-bows from Tswitswikhaer' for later. I have a set of back-copies of the Journal of the Society of Archer Antiquaries, so I can do the extraction from that myself. Could someone look through the published 'Bibliography of Archery', of which I do not have a copy?

    I am planning to attend the archery event at Denton Hill (Pennsylvania, USA) from July 29 - 1 August this year. Tom Duvernay and David Gray will be there, too. Please let me know if you will be there, and whether we might (protocol permitting) arrange an ATARN sub-event in the margins of Denton Hill.)

    Last of all, I am restoring an old Chinese target shooting bow for a local museum. I have found a good source of prepared snake skins and stingray skins for decorative purposes. These can be supplied with proper CITES licensing. I am also having tepliks made and can have them made to order for Members. Please let me know if you are interested.

Yours faithfully,


(Stephen Selby)