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28 March 1999

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Dear All,

    I had an email the other day from Bede Dwyer drawing my attention to an interesting photograph of a Chinese bowyer stringing up a traditional bow using tepliks (bow-limb forms).The photograph had previously appeared in the journal of the Society of Archer Antiquaries, reproduced from an old German book.

    It is difficult for ATARN to publish photographs from books because of copyright restrictions. But this photograph was so interesting, I  decided to do some research on the original publication. It turns out that the original book was 'Die Grosse Völkerkunde' (The Great Races of Mankind) by Dr. Hugo A. Bernazik, published in Leipzig in 1939. As in Hong Kong law, photographs published in books before 1948 have fallen into the public domain, ATARN is now free to publish the archery pictures from Bernazik's book for ATARN Members.

    There are five gotographs showing different types of archery. To see them full size, you will need to click on each one. As they are in the public domain, you may store them and print them. If you publish them further, please credit the original author and publisher.

1.    A Chinese bowyer using tepliks to string a bow.
b_teplik.JPG (43688 bytes)

2.    A Wedda (belonging to a population of 2,000 in Sri Lanka in 1939) shooting a bow with his feet.
b_ftbow.JPG (64416 bytes)

3.    A White Karen from Northern Siam (Thailand) shooting with a stonebow.
b_stnbow.JPG (63123 bytes)

4. An Ankha warrior from Northern Siam (Thailand) shooting with a crossbow.
b_xbow.JPG (40898 bytes)

5.    An Andeman fisherman fishing with a bow. (Andeman and Nocobar Islands, Bay of Bengal)
b_sprfsh.JPG (40430 bytes)

    I hope to build up a photographic library in ATARN. I have quite a number of pictures myself. Please would you contribute? I will only publish a photograph or illustration from a book if it was published in or before 1948, and provided the author/publisher information is available. I will publish original photographs without the permission of the original photographer if the photograph was taken before 1900. For all other pictures, the artist's or photographer's permission is needed for publication.

    Given these restrictions, I would be grateful for photographs that you have taken yourself showing archery artifacts or practices.


Yours faithfully,


(Stephen Selby)