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May 1999

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Dear All,

   Thank you for the feed-back on the draft bibliography. I have now filled it out a bit and incorporated the suggestions and you can read it here. Please keep providing me with new entries. Non-English language items would be welcome.

    The next task I want to get in hand is pictures. I have quite a few in my own collection. My plan is to scan into JPEG format at a maximum resolution of 100 dpi and a maximum width of 640 pixels. Apart from the fact that they should, of course, relate to Asian archery, I would like to adopt the following standards:

Photographs of artifacts in your own collection that you took yourself or have commissioned someone else to take. No restriction
Photographs of archers in action that you have taken yourself or have commissioned someone else to take. No restriction; but photos showing authentic technique by practiced exponents preferred.
Your own drawings and illustrations. No restriction
Photographs, drawings or illustrations published in books. The date of first publication should be before 31 December 1949; otherwise the picture must be accompanied by a specific written authorization to publish in electronic format from the publisher. (In the US, both author and publisher authorization is required.)
Unpublished photographs, drawings or illustrations not taken by yourself or commissioned by you. Not less than fifty years have elapsed since the end of the calendar year of the death of the person who created the picture, otherwise the picture must be accompanied by a specific written authorization to publish in electronic format from the creator or his/her successor.

    This rather fearsome list of restrictions is what I need to allow the pictures to be published on the INTERNET under Hong Kong law. If you send things in, I shall assume I have your permission to publish them on ATARN's WWW pages.

    This month and next month, I am off again to Peking and Mongolia. Last year, I suggested to the Archers' Union in Ulaanbaatar that horseback archery should be re-established and performed in the Naadam, both for the merit of the sport and as a boost to tourism. I am told that they have made some progress and they will demonstrate to me when I am there. In Peking, I am going to interview another old bowyer who has re-surfaced, and try to take good notes and get specifications of his original tools and materials. So hopefully, by July, there should be an interesting letter from Peking and letter from Ulaanbaatar.

    I am planning a visit to the USA in July and hope to make it to the archery event at Denton Hill, PA at the end of July. Tom Duvernay will have a display there. If you have been on this mailing list and would like a chance for ATARN Members to get together for a chat, please would you contact Tom Duvernay and we'll try to organize a time? This is to be an informal get-together in the margins of Denton Hill: it is not a part of the official event.


Yours faithfully,


(Stephen Selby)