What is the Correct way to String a Heavy Horn Bow that is Recurved to a C Shape?

This series of photographs has been published with permission of  2002, Jang Yuhua of Taiwan. 
Please note that this method is not used fir Korean horn bows.

Step 1: Bind one of the formers (tipliks) to the string-bridge end of one limb. 
You might want to have the limbs warmed (but not warmer than comfortable to the touch!)

Step 2: Bind the former to a bow-stringing bench with something to lift the end up slightly.

Step 3: Bend limb over former.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure for the other limb. 

Step 5: Prepare for stringing

Step 6: Stringing completed. If limbs are warm, they should be allowed to cool completely now.

Step 7: Remove the formers. Balance the bow.

Step 8: Shoot!

Last up-dated March 13, 2002