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How to Make Fish Bladder Glue
by Jang Yuhwa


Tear the bladder into small strips


Place all the strips into a pot


Cook it in low heat.  I soak the thin strips in refrigerator for a day or two, but not using grinder instead, During the cooking process I'll let it cool down and pull them into a blender (for fruit juice) ,filter it then keep cooking till done.  About 20~22 hours. The temperature is way below boiling point about 60~70 degrees C.





I have done some test to compare with hide glue, it is stronger than hide glue and its greatest character is its flexibility. There will be no cracking sound when bracing the bow very first time.

Almost everything will turn into glue, if you do it right, I say 99.5% will become glue. The small amount of residual were then consume by me and it tastes like scallop quite delicious. Also when cooking beef stew, in the end a small amount of glue I made will be added. That stew taste 10 times better.


Up-dated 5 October 1998