Korean Traditional Equestrian Martial Arts Association
International Horseback Archery Competition.
2123 October 2006

Organizer: Korean Traditional  Equestrian Martial Arts Association. (KTEMA)
Date: October 21, 22 and 23 2006
Location: Yeongrangho Hwarangdo Experience. 514, Jangsa Dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea.
Telephone: (033)-637-3400/3500
email: tktls999@yahoo.co.kr
Course description: The course consists of a 120m straight course from the start line plus 30m curving left, making a total of 150m. The finish line is 10m beyond the fifth target.
Competitions: 1) a single shoot at canter or gallop along a 120m straight line.
2) double shoot at canter or gallop along a 120m straight line, first shooting forward at 60m and then backward at 90m.
3) five shots at canter or gallop shooting first at three targets with an interval of 30m which are located in a straight line, then curving left and shooting the fourth target at 120m and the fifth target at 150m.
4) Shooting at a moving ground target dragged behind a gallopping horse (Mogu)

Arrows must be nocked from a quiver or belt. Holding of the arrows against the grip of the bow is not permitted.

Distances: The distance from the horse to the target is 6m to10m depending on the horse's position on the track.
Targets and scoring: Target is divided into 4 circles. Bullseye scores 5 points, the second circle 4 points, the third 3 points, the fourth 2 points and the white ground 1point. Scores will be weighted to reflect the rider's speed. The size of the target is 120cm square and and it is placed 30cm above the ground. The size of the Mogu (moving target) is about 0.5m diameter.
Equipment and horses:

Competitors may use their own traditional bows and arrows. Competitors will be provided with a pony selected by the organizer according to the competitor's skill and ability.

Notes: Participants hoping to take part should inform the organizers well in advance of their body height and weight, so that suitable horses can be prepared. Individuals whose height or weight exceeds the capacities of  the the Organizers' horses will be refused permission to take part.
Competition fee: Each entrant is required to pay a fee of US$50 payable in cash only upon arriving at the competition location.

Last up-dated on 06 July 2006.